Short-eared owl

The owl the owl guru was looking for at Hayward Regional Shoreline was the short-eared owl. Of course I wanted to see it too, but short-eared owl was up until that day the only California owl species I had seen that owl guru had not: I saw short-eared owls at this park last year, without even looking. I had taken her there shortly after to look for them but we couldn’t find them. Then she had gone a few days prior to our recent trip and couldn’t find them either, but she and I met up for her to try again (and for me to finally see that elusive burrowing owl), and this time we were highly successful! We saw one owl make a number of flights around the park. I didn’t get any good pictures because he was always quite far, but as this is not a commonly seen species, I am posting them anyway. This may have been the most excited I’ve ever seen the owl guru.

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