Hayward burrowing owl – FINALLY

I have been looking for the burrowing owl at Hayward Regional Shoreline since I moved to California over two years ago. It was the first burrowing owl I heard about, and the first I received directions to, but despite the detailed directions, and despite others at the park assuring me I was looking in the right spot, I never saw him. Since it is one of the closest parks to me, I go there semi-regularly, especially in the winter when the days are short, so I have looked for this owl many times, never with any success. I eventually decided he was a myth. Then the owl guru went to that park without me, looking for a different owl and some other things, and she found the burrowing owl and sent me a triumphant photo. What she didn’t see that day was the OTHER owl she’d been specifically looking for, so a few days after her solo trip there we met up so she could try again with her owl and so I could try to finally see my burrowing owl. And with her help, I DID! HE REALLY DOES EXIST! Amazing.

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