Where I live in the East Bay hills, hardly anyone has central air conditioning, because traditionally, it rarely gets hot enough to need it. More often than not I spend the summer FREEZING in my office. It does tend to warm up a little bit in September when Karl the Fog goes on vacation, but not like this past weekend. This is a screenshot from my phone on Saturday:

It was terrible! I turned all the fans in the house onto high, closed all the curtains, and sat in the darkest and coolest room I could find and just tried to sweat it out, literally. It was stupid. The poor cats tried to find cool surfaces to sleep on. Gomez liked the tile countertop.

Torticia had been on the laminate floor, but got jealous when she saw me taking Mezzie’s picture.

Even the coast, which is usually much cooler than inland, broke high temperature records. It was over 100 degrees in San Francisco, which is extremely rare. SF pretty much fluctuates between 60 and 65 degrees every day of the year. In the past when it’s been hot here, I’ve headed to Point Reyes National Seashore where it’s usually significantly cooler, but it was just as bad there. In fact, they had medics out rescuing overheated people on the Tomales Point trail (my favorite) on Saturday.

I’m composing this post the day after those photos were taken, Sunday, and the high today was a mere 98 degrees, and let me tell you, there is a very noticeable difference between 109 and 98 degrees. Today felt damn near pleasant! It barely seems bad at all!

All joking aside, this weekend was rather miserable, but it’s hard for me to complain too much about the weather when so many people are dealing with the aftermath of Harvey, the family of one my close friends included: they had 11 feet of water in their home, after only being back in their house a few months a few short months following an earlier flood nearly wiped it out. So mostly I’m just grateful for the privilege of sitting here in a pool of sweat for a few days. I still have all my belongings, my pets, and my life.

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