Tule Elk

Chimney Rock is an extremely beautiful but not very long nor challenging trail in Point Reyes National Seashore. After leaving there the other weekend and then stopping by the cypress tunnel, which required next to no walking, I wanted to go another quick hike before I left. To that end I turned off Sir Francis Drake Boulevard towards the Estero trailhead. I decided as I was driving down the road leading to the trail that to my chagrin it was just getting too dark too fast, despite it not being that late in the day, and I ended up just turning around in the parking lot and heading back out. As I was driving out, though, I noticed these tule elk hanging out near the road, so I stopped to get some pictures. As you can see from my last several posts, I had quite the variety of wildlife sightings that day! Have I mentioned my undying love for Point Reyes?




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