Burrowing Owls

As you may know if you regularly read this blog, I spend a lot of time looking for and generally failing to find burrowing owls. I was lamenting this fact to a park ranger at Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge last year and he told me there were some burrowing owls that were visible from the parking lot of nearby Jubilee Church. Well, I drove around that area several times, but the church parking lot is chained off when the church is not in use and there are “no stopping at any time” signs all along the road, so I’ve never been able to see these alleged owls. Finally, one recent weekend, I tried again and this time I found a nearby place to legally park. I was still pretty far from the owls BUT this is the first time I’ve ever seen more than one owl at a time and I believe these are a mated pair protecting eggs or young. Squeeeee!!

In this area, burrowing owls like to use ground squirrel burrows. Here is my owl family hanging with a squirrel.

The burrowing owl pair. These aren’t great photos because I was pretty far away, but you are being forced to look at them because BURROWING OWL!!

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  1. Jain
    April 16, 2017

    So happy you found this pair! 😀

    • April 17, 2017

      Me too; I felt like “FINALLY!!!”. 🙂

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