Point Reyes wildlife

Here are some various wildlife I saw on the Estero Trail in Point Reyes the other weekend.

Western California scrub jay:
When I wrote and queued up this post a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea the Western scrub jay had been broken up into two new species this year! I just happened to see an article about it posted on a bulletin board at one of the wildlife hospitals I volunteer at this week. So I am correcting my error this morning when the post published.

Great blue heron, which I have an especial love for:

One lonesome tule elk. The tule elk reservation is my absolute favorite spot in Point Reyes and you are pretty much guaranteed to see a lot of tule elk there, especially now as we are in the middle of the rutting season, but I wasn’t really expecting to see any elk on the Estero Trail. Nonetheless this one made an appearance, which made me happy as I had a pretty great wildlife day that day.

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