Additional landscapes from Point Reyes

Yesterday’s post concentrated on portraits of the Pacific as seen from the Tomales Point trail in Point Reyes, but on the other side of the trail is Tomales Bay, which is also picturesque:
Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay-2

I think one of the reasons I felt so deeply happy at Point Reyes was it reminded me a little bit of Africa. I was in Tanzania exactly a year ago and it was THE BEST EVER. I loved it there so much, although it’s rather ruined me for wildlife photography elsewhere. Why aren’t there zebras and giraffes wandering around the parks here??? And don’t get me started on lions. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will likely never see a mountain lion, despite signs at a lot of the parks here warning me of their territory, whereas in the parks in Tanzania, whole packs of lions casually strolled past our vehicle while I pretty much died of happiness and excitement. Point Reyes, as wonderful as it is, had only a small fraction of the wildlife magic I felt in Africa, but it was still the closest I’ve felt to how I felt there, plus parts of it actually reminded me of parts of the Serengeti. These rock formations in particular evoked the Serengeti for me.
these rocks reminded me of parts of the Serengeti

This group of trees signaled I was nearing the trailhead and almost at my car – perfect timing as you can see the sun had just set.
near the trailhead

And one last one of the ocean, in a moody black & white:

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  1. November 16, 2015

    Having only seen the Serengeti on pictures, I can still see how Point Reyes’ landscapes evoked memories of it. It’s great you have near your home a place that can bring you back to the deep feelings of happiness you’ve felt while you were in Tanzania…

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