After returning from Africa last November and facing the dawn of a cold winter back at home, I was dismayed by the lack of exciting photo opportunities here compared to being on safari and decided to embark on a Photo 365 project to try to inspire myself. I chose portraits for my theme. Unfortunately these often end up being self-portraits as I have no other willing models most days, and I almost never like the way I look in photographs. To my surprise, however, I’ve learned how to take a picture of myself that doesn’t make me want to throw up and it’s helped me improve my editing skills. I’m four months into the project (which is about three months and three weeks longer than I thought I’d last!) and I’m getting a little sick of taking pictures of myself, but I liked today’s, so here it is:


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  1. April 4, 2015

    Very cool. I like your self portraits. While our local parks might not compare with Africa they are still pretty impressive and a lot more convenient.

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