Castle Rocks

As mentioned in the last couple of posts, I’ve had no time for photos or hikes in the last month, and I’ve run out of queued posts. Therefore I’m going to stretch out the couple of outings I went on between my last blog post queuing marathon and my unintentional hike hiatus. Which means the quality of photos over the next few days will be even lower than usual, haha. But hopefully I’ll buy myself a little time to recover from moving and to get back out and take some more photos!

Back in early June I went on a guided hike looking for a peregrine nesting site in Castle Rocks Regional Park, which is located right next to Mount Diablo State Park. These are the “castle” rocks of Castle Rocks from “meadow one”:

Same castle rocks from “meadow two”.

Meadows one and especially two were the best place to see the peregrine nesting site…

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