Me and a TV

I am just emerging from a whirlwind of moving. For the last several weeks I’ve been unable to take photos, hike, or basically do anything other than pack stuff up, drive it to a new house, and unpack it. Because it was a local move, I chose to move everything but the large furniture myself over the course of a week so I could have the house totally ready once the furniture arrived. I can’t stand living out of boxes, so I preferred this method, plus I figured it would be much easier on the cats, since everything would look and smell familiar on their traumatic day. My best friend came up from LA to help out, and also built me an enormous set of shelves for my home canned goods. I kind of got obsessed with moving and organizing and basically didn’t stop for 10 days straight; I didn’t even work more than a couple of hours (although I did go to the wildlife hospitals for my regular volunteer and staff shifts). Monday was official moving day. I’m composing this on Tuesday morning and I am exhausted, sore all over, and covered in bruises, but the house is completely set up, there is a happy cat sleeping on my lap, and the other cat is handling things WAY better than our last move (to California from Virginia). However, I just realized I will run out of queued blog posts tomorrow. I do have a few photos I took between the final queued post and my move fugue but I’ve got wildlife stuff (and you know, maybe some resting???) to do today and possibly tomorrow, when I also have to actually starting doing my job again, so in case it takes me a couple days to find the time to queue up some more posts, here is a recent photo of me and a TV, or Turkey Vulture. This is the very charming Prince Charming. He’s very handsome and wins over even vulture dislikers. Yes, he weighs a million pounds on the fist and he sometimes throws up, but he’s also a really nice bird. AND VULTURES ARE COOL!

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