More baby Great Horned Owls

At first all I saw were the two baby owls. But then the owl guru (of course) found one of the parents on a limb nearby. It’s amazing how well owls blend into trees. They can be REALLY hard to find!

After we’d both been taking pictures for a good long time, the owl guru asked me, “how many babies do you see?” “Two,” I responded. THEN SHE SHOWED ME THE THIRD ONE, which had been hiding! We theorized that this one is a few days behind his siblings in development and that’s why he’s cautiously hiding near the tree trunk. Many raptors lay their eggs days apart, so the siblings are different ages. In fact, it’s not unusual for a younger sibling to fail because he or she is overpowered by – or even killed by – an older sibling. I’m glad this guy appears to be doing well even if he IS camera shy.

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