We used to have a bunch of skunks living in our yard in Virginia, which I LOVED, but although I caught those guys on my camera traps regularly, I had never seen a skunk in the wild until I moved to California. This is the third skunk I’ve seen here and by FAR the best encounter. Skunks have very, very limited eyesight, which was obvious because this little dude had no idea I was so close to him. A couple of times he figured it out (I was able to get very close) and he thought about warning me, but fortunately he never felt threatened enough to stamp at me. Skunks have a bad rep with some people but the fact is, they don’t necessarily WANT to spray you, and they will give you several warnings before doing so, primarily by stamping their feet. Every skunk-knowledgeable person I’ve ever talked to has said that if you get sprayed, you deserve it. Heed their warnings! Anyway, I was absolutely delighted to encounter this guy; it totally made my week.

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