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Burleigh Murray State Park is a great birding destination because there are lots and lots of birds, including at least three species of owl, but it’s a real easy trail. Big payoffs with little effort. Rufous hummingbirds aren’t particularly rare, but I had commented to the owl guru just a couple of weeks earlier that I had never seen any hummingbird species other than Anna’s in the wild out here (although I see Anna’s all the time, including in my own yard), then I ended up seeing these guys while out looking for owls. I’m not 100% certain these are rufous because apparently rufous and Allen’s look almost identical and both are found in Burleigh Murray, but I guessed rufous just because it’s less rare than Allen’s and I figured chances were higher I was seeing the less-rare bird.

Cedar waxwing. I have a special spot in my heart for cedar waxwings because not only are they beautiful, but they are so well-behaved when we get them as patients in the wildlife hospitals. I don’t see them in the wild particularly often.

California quail:


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