Pacheco State Park

The reason I went to Pacheco State Park a few weeks ago was I had read it was a good place to see wildflowers. If you are familiar with my luck finding burrowing owls when I go looking for them, you’ll find this tale amusing. So I drive all the way to Pacheco – it’s nearly an hour and a half away – and it’s a beautiful day. I’m looking forward to seeing some wildflowers because I have to have more luck with them than I do owls, right? Well I hadn’t gone terribly far when a friendly older hiker stopped to chat. People seem to see my camera and like to use it to spark a conversation. Usually people assume I’m looking for birds because I have the big telephoto lens ready, and that’s not usually an inaccurate assumption, but I guess because Pacheco is widely known as a wildflower destination, THIS guy asked, “are you taking pictures of wildflowers?” When I affirmed he said, “there were a ton of them last weekend but then they brought the cows in to graze this week and there are hardly any left”. CAN YOU BELIEVE MY LUCK? I can’t even get PLANTS to put in an appearance for me!

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day and Pacheco was lovely, grazed and flower-razed or not.

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