Tule Elk creek crossing

This was probably the highlight of my day the other weekend. I don’t enjoy annoying wildlife and always feel bad if I disturb them to the point they need to move, but there wasn’t much I could do about these tule elk because all I was doing was driving down the road, extremely slowly. They had to cross a creek to get back to their grazing area after they ran from my car – in the direction I was traveling. Once they figured out that was a dumb move on their part, they had to re-cross. I didn’t see the first crossing but was fortunately situated for the second. The reason I enjoyed this so much was it reminded me of a much less dramatic Mara River crossing, which I was lucky to watch in the Serengeti a couple of years ago. Fortunately for the tule elk, this creek is much smaller than the Mara River and far less dangerous. No crocodiles were waiting to eat them!

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