The Mez

One of both Gomez and Torticia’s most noticeable features is THOSE EYES. They have matching, humungous eyes. I think they are part owl. Their eyes are actually why I own them. I had two cats (who were also extremely wonderful) before Gomez and Torticia, and the day after the second of them died, Mark was looking at cat adoption websites trying to get me to find a kitten. I wasn’t really ready, but then I couldn’t resist and I went to the NoVA SPCA website and scrolled through. I found these two totally ridiculous siblings and fell hard for them based on just their silly pictures. They were babies at the time and hadn’t grown into their eyes, which took up even more of their little faces back then. They were so silly. I took my laptop over to Mark and said, “okay, I wasn’t ready yet, but THESE ARE THE CATS I WANT.” So we set up a meeting with them with their foster parents, WE LOVED THEM, and a few days later they came home with us. 🙂

Mezzie showing off those irresistible eyes:

In a Mezzie nest! Seriously, shouldn’t he be a cat model??

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