Red-tailed hawks at Point Reyes

I love raptors. So much so that when I lived in Virginia I volunteered at the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia and I’m hoping to work up to raptor handling very quickly at the wildlife hospitals I just started volunteering at here in California. I’ll have to go through the trainings at both places and prove myself but I’ve been uncharacteristically vocal about expressing my desire to be put on raptor duty and everyone has been very positive about me. 🙂 Anyway, when not holding and helping injured raptors, I like to try to find healthy raptors in the wild to photograph and I hit the jackpot at Point Reyes. I saw tons of red tailed hawks there, some flying very low while hunting. This is by far the largest number of red tailed hawks I’ve seen or photographed in a single day and I LOVED it.

red tailed hawk in flight-3

red tailed hawk in flight-8

red tailed hawk in flight-11

red tailed hawk in flight-12

red tailed hawk in flight-4

red tailed hawk in flight-17

red tailed hawk in flight-15

red tailed hawk on the ground watching carefully

red tailed hawk

red tailed hawk in flight-14

red tail hawk flying low-2

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